Carlton Stoltzfus


Dealer Representative

Carlton has been with Ayr since 2015.  He began in the shop as a cabinet builder, and caught on so quickly that when the opportunity came for Dealer Rep, he was chosen.  Carlton has shown the same ability to catch on quickly and is doing a tremendous job in his new position.

Carlton is single, which means he's available!  He lives at home with his parents, and enjoys going on vacation and travelling together as a family.  When asked what he enjoys most about working at Ayr he said, "The people I work with. Everyone is willing to work together to keep things running smoothly."  When Carlton is not at Ayr, you will probably find him working on his car, riding motorcycle, or just doing some metal work.  A little known fact about Carlton is his love for 1980's Sci-Fi movies!


Wood Species:  Walnut

Room in the House:  The basement, his room is there and it's always cool there.

Restaurant:  Crooked Ewe

Ice Cream:   Cookie Dough