Why you want Custom Kitchen Cabinets!

“BAM!” – Emeril Lagasse

Do you know why the world-famous Chef, Television personality, and restaurateur Emerail Lagasse became famous for saying this? When he first began his career in TV, the audience found him so boring he would yell it to wake them up! Does your kitchen need the same wake-up call? Maybe you wish you could just say “BAM!” and give your kitchen cabinets the flavor of your favorite design. What you may be looking for is the amazing benefit of custom kitchen cabinetry!

What is Custom Kitchen Cabinetry?

When you hear the word custom it is hard to imagine anything but elegance, creativity and high-end flare. Custom Kitchen Cabinets sound just like the name states, cabinets that are built to the exact dimensions and needs of your kitchen space. A true craftsman with spare no detail, custom kitchen cabinets allow you the chance to have a beautiful piece of wood working for what you are looking for!

Why do I want custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Day in and day out you spend countless hours working either for yourself or others hoping that they are satisfied with the work you are doing. When you come home you see the way your home looks and you think to yourself: “I do high-quality work all day why does my home and especially my kitchen look so boring and bland. Why does it look like everyone else’s”? 

When you look at something like custom kitchen cabinets you are looking for the level of elegance and expertise that is expected from the work that you do.

You may want custom kitchen cabinets for the following reasons:

  • You want to replace that standard cabinets that came with your home
  • The cabinets you have are in disrepair and need to be built in a specific way to maximize the storage space you need
  • You want a kitchen that stands out from the crowd
why do i want custom kitchen cabinets

Why would I want to replace my cabinets?

We understand that in your everyday life it may seem over the top to replace your cabinets. But hear us out before you completely write us off.

In your home, the kitchen is arguably the number one room you spend time in.

Maybe right now your kitchen cabinets are not custom. They look like every other kind of cabinet a contractor uses. They look very square, they have sharp edges and the doors slam easily when you are trying to close it quietly in the middle of the night. The cabinets function but they are just kind of bland. 

Does what we just described sound like a place you would like to spend time? Not really? We didn’t think so either.

Now let us bring this image to your mind.

You invite your friends over for your famous super bowl party. Your favored team is winning and so is the food you have in the kitchen. All the appetizers and rest of the food is in your newly remodeled kitchen. You thought the highlight of the night would be that opening touchdown. However, all night long you receive compliments of how nice your cabinets are. Your guests ask who built them and how they can get custom kitchen cabinets like yours!

Doesn’t that kitchen sound like one worth being proud of?! A place where you can spend time receiving countless compliments and enjoy how your custom kitchen cabinets look.

why would i want to replace my cabinets

What will my Custom Kitchen Cabinets look like?

However you would like your kitchen cabinets to look is how we can design them! No matter if your taste is for something simple or very elegant. 

With over 50 years of experience in building custom kitchen cabinets we have the expertise to develop a kitchen plan for you to be not only proud of but leave your friends with jaws dropped.

what will my custom kitchen cabinets look like ayr cabinetry

Is there a way for me to see the Custom Kitchen Cabinets you offer?

We have multiple options for you to be able to view the custom kitchen cabinets that we build. The first option is to check out our cabinet product options by clicking here. 

On this page you will be able to see what kind of finishes are available for your custom kitchen cabinets as well as projects that we have worked on in the past.

Another way that you can see our custom kitchen cabinets is by coming to see our showroom in Nappanee, Indiana! This show room will give you 3 examples of what a full kitchen of custom cabinets will look like! It can also give you additional ideas for what other rooms in your home could look like if they are completed with custom cabinetry.

Maybe Nappanee is just a bit too far for you to drive. Never fear we still have options for you!  We have dealers all across America. From Naples, Florida to Petoskey, Michigan we are able to get you in touch with one of the dealers. They will be able to guide you with selecting the Custom Kitchen Cabinets you have been looking for!

custom kitchen cabinets why you need them by ayr cabinetry
Custom Kitchen in Granger, Indiana
custom kitchen cabins custom designed and built
Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Nappanee, Indiana

“Can you make my Custom kitchen Cabinets match other storage needs I have?”

Absolutely we can! 

When you purchased your house you had a vision of how each room would look. You envisioned how the layout would flow and how everything would come together making it a space that is truly unique to you. When you start with custom kitchen cabinets you can take the design the whole way throughout the house giving you the coveted cohesive look you always wanted.

What is the price range I should expect for Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

When you make a purchase of quality custom cabinets for your kitchen you want to know that your investment is being well spent. We know that there is a wide range of clients and that their cabinetry needs vary greatly. Our prices are based on the needs the customer has and then prices follow. For an accurate idea of pricing get in touch with us today and let’s talk.

Do all my cabinets have to be the same color?

When you look at custom kitchen cabinets you may be wondering: “Do all of my custom kitchen cabinets need to have the same color stain or finish”?  Not at all! 

When you work with a custom cabinet builder like us, you will get the opportunity to learn from the people in the industry. We can help make your custom kitchen cabinets give your home the look you want and need!

What features do custom kitchen cabinets have over big box stores?

Our custom kitchen cabinets give you luxury finishes that are more than just the appearance. Are you tired of the doors slamming shut on your cabinet when you try to close it quietly in the middle of the night? 

We have a gently close feature that can be placed on your cabinet doors.

Is it making you want to scream when you pull a drawer out and everything falls over? 

We have a gentle pull-out feature that can prevent that very from happening. It also allows you to have the drawer close slowly so the things don’t fall over when you close it!

Looking for a way to store your utensils out of sight? 

We can make a way for you to store them upright just as if your utensils were on the counter. And now you won’t have to look at all the clutter!

So what do you do next?

Maybe you came here just to see what Custom kitchen cabinets were about. Maybe you came here for some inspiration on a project before you begin the design process. Whatever the reason, we know that you have a desire for high-quality built custom kitchen cabinets. 

We here at Ayr Cabinetry look forward to working with you! Our mission and commitment to you is​​ to help your dreams become the joy you live with each and every day.

So get in touch with us today about our custom kitchen cabinets! We know that we can build your custom kitchen cabinet dream! We want to move you from dreamland to living in the land of reality and give your kitchen the design flavor and “BAM!” you’ve been looking for!


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