Custom Home Cabinets in Nappanee, Indiana

Our Custom Home Cabinetry in Nappanee Indiana features beautiful custom cabinetry showcases cabinetry outfitted to fit the design of your kitchen and bathroom. This custom home cabinets in Nappanee Indiana feature a large island with built-in storage cabinets creates for additional storage space along with the kitchen cabinets. The island also serves as a sit-down countertop for having meals. The cabinetry in this project comes with custom pull-out drawers and unique storage slots that can be built into your cabinetry space.

In addition to that, we feature in this project coat racks with cabinetry for storing shoes and other outdoor items you could need before walking out the door. This project also showcases custom bathroom cabinetry designed with depth and length for storage of larger towels and other bulkier bathroom items. Also, our bathroom project offers large vanities with wide countertops and plenty of cabinet spaces for storing your cabinetry items.