“Having Friends Over Just
Became More Enjoyable”

Custom Bar Cabinets

More and more people are choosing to stay at home for the big games and tv show premiers. The draw to go to a crowded bar with a bunch of strangers is slowly fading. More birthday parties and events are happening in the comfort of your home then usual. With that, the push to have a place in your home to host people and events is growing.

The basement of the home has become the favorite hangout spot. Big, sprawling bars and full-scale entertainment centers have made the basement the perfect spot to host events of all nature. Custom bar cabinets make serving up drinks for friends, a lot more efficient and enjoyable.

custom bar cabinets, huge wine cellar

Bar Project

Diamond Lake, MI

This medium-dark stained, lower level bar is ground level to an outdoor lakeside patio. It allows guests to choose a game of billiards, watch a movie, enjoy a campfire, or sit on a high-top bar stool to watch the action and snack on hors d’oeuvres. Removed from the photo, but designed to add a personal touch, is the family name etched into the face of mirror. This is definitely an area of the home that creates space where family and friends meet.

Door StylePartial Overlay
Wood SpeciesBirch
Wood FinishBerkshire (stain)


Your Project’s Process

1. Dream

Dreaming is free! Whether you know what you want, or you don’t know what you want, Ayr is here for you. We love to brainstorm and design. We also love to make custom cabinets that are unique to you.

  • Look on Pinterest or Instagram
  • Ask your friends, brainstorm
  • What style best fits your home?
  • What style speaks to you and who you are?

2. Design

You come to us with your ideas, we come to you with 55+ years of experience in the custom cabinetry world. Together we figure out what fits your style while maintaining the efficiency you need to be comfortable.

  • Visit Our In-depth, 2200 sq. ft. Showroom
  • Meet with one our personal custom cabinet Designers
  • Our Designer will come to your home and get proper measurements
  • Finalize the design on your dream custom cabinets

3. Build

The final design is transferred to our shop where we manufacture each piece of your custom cabinet specifically for you. Your cabinet is not mass produced. It is hand sanded throughout the entire construction process.

  • ¾” Plywood Construction
  • Hand Sanded throughout construction
  • Custom Finishes and Paints to get the exact look you want.
  • Custom Cabinets built specifically for you.