The Ayr story began in 1965, in the heart of the Amish community, in a small intersection called "Ayr" near Nappanee, Indiana.  Founder David Miller Jr.'s dream was to build truly custom cabinetry to the highest standards possible.  From those modest beginnings and with the same vision, Ayr Cabinet Company has established itself as a leader in the Custom Cabinet marketplace.

   Today Ayr Cabinet Company's  showroom and production facility is located on a portion of the 60-acre homestead that once was the Miller family farm, just 4 miles west of Nappanee, Indiana.  As you tour our facility, you will see that the vision and passion remain the same.  Ayr Cabinet Company has never commercialized themselves as builders of Amish Cabinetry, out of respect to our Amish friends, and neighbors, and employees. Yet the fact remains, as you tour the production facility, you will see seasoned Amish craftsmen, with years of experience, pouring their heart into every piece they build.

   Weldon Miller, David Jr's only son, is now the owner and CEO.  Weldon, like his father, is adamant that Ayr builds nothing but a quality cabinet in the same tradition of integrity and craftsmanship. Although Ayr has seen tremendous growth, we have maintained the "small-town way" of doing business. 

   Ayr continues to go the second mile to give you, our customer, the individual attention and service that you desire, and Ayr believes you deserve. Our dedicated and passionate team of artisans work with clients every step of the way.  After assessing your needs, and desires we design your kitchen, often pulling in the advise of others on the design staff, then we draft a blueprint, and review it with you making revisions to suit your tastes.  Once the job goes to the shop, our team of highly skilled cabinet makers and finishers do their work. The end product, is uniquely yours, including the design, the type of wood, the style and even the finish.

   Uniquely yours. Uniquely Ayr.