Cabinet Designers

Our dedicated and passionate team of cabinet designers walk with you from the beginning of the design process through installation all the way to your desired outcome. We want to ensure that the end result provides as much to your home’s beauty as to your needs. At Ayr, custom design is everything. After assessing your needs and desires we start by drafting a blueprint that may be drawn by hand or with computer-aided design technology. From the blueprint, a shop print is created and our team of highly skilled cabinetmakers begin their work. Because we build truly custom cabinetry, everything from the design, the wood, and the finish are uniquely yours.

While most custom cabinetmakers make you go through a different design business, at Ayr Custom Cabinetry, we have our own professional in-house cabinet designers. You will work with a specific cabinet designer from the start of the design of your project, to the installation of your project. This allows you to be in contact with one person throughout your whole project, making communication for you a seamless process. Are you ready to start the process? If so, request a consultation for your cabinet design today.

Meet Our Cabinet Designers

James Yoder

Troy Glaser

Dana Miller

Jamie Miller

The Ayr Process

1. Dream

Dreaming is free! Whether you know what you want, or you don’t know what you want, Ayr is here for you. We love to brainstorm and design. We also love to make custom cabinets that are unique to you.

2. Design

You come to us with your ideas, we come to you with 55+ years of experience in the custom cabinetry world. Together we figure out what fits your style while maintaining the efficiency you need to be comfortable.

3. Build

The final design is transferred to our shop where we manufacture each piece of your cabinet design specifically for you. Your cabinet is hand-sanded throughout the entire construction process.