Light Green Kitchen Cabinets in Evanston, IL

light green kitchen cabinets in evanston

A kitchen is the heart of the home. The love, the community, and of course the food that comes out of it creates a bond with all in the house. These beautiful custom cabinets turned the kitchen into one of traditional grace and beauty, with notes of modern inspiration. The project was designed by Third Coast Interiors and built and installed by the skilled craftsman at Ayr Cabinetry.

The pastel sage green cabinets demand attention. The soft warm yellow undertones bring both life and warmth to the naturally calming color. It is hard to imagine walking into this room and not instantly smiling and feeling at home. Crafted from maple wood, these cabinets feature an inset door style that brings both depth and dimension to the profile.

In delightful contrast, this kitchen features an island, accent bench, and table. All three feature beautiful, ornate reeding, bringing an added level of character and class to an already gorgeous aesthetic. Topped off with a light stone-gray marble countertop, this kitchen creates an inviting and welcoming space for anyone who enters this home.

There is so much to love about these light-green kitchen cabinets in Evanston! If the delightful light-green cabinets weren’t enough, they are paired with a beautiful classic traditional-style stove, an arched glass-door hutch, a microwave hidden in the island, and a modern farmhouse sink. These elements will be sure to sell this room to anyone looking for a sweet treat or salty snack.

Home is where the heart is, and this home’s heart is undoubtedly the kitchen.

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Design Details

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Island with Shelf and Matching Bench & Table

This custom island features an end-capping bench and a matching table to sport.

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Pastel Light-Green Cabinets

This vibrant yet soft color adds warmth and charm while creating a statement like no other.

creative work space in custom kitchen cabinets in middlebury in

White Oak Reeding

The island and furniture feature beautiful, elegant reeding, which perfectly contrasts the sleek and simple style of the cabinets.