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Custom Bathroom Cabinets

You are not alone. You are unique. The desire for a bathroom that is custom-built to appease your taste and personality is normal. Wanting a bathroom that functions specifically to your needs is an absolute must!

Custom bathroom cabinets offer you that stunning and efficient finishing touch that was missing from your bathroom. Custom bathroom cabinets also offer a unique opportunity for you to get cabinets that function specifically to your needs.

Your bathroom is one of the most personal spots in your home. It is a safe place. One of the few places where locking the door behind you is expected and understood. If you have a bathroom in your master bedroom, then it is the one room in your home where few people go other than you. It is very important that the bathroom is a place where you can be comfortable and starting with custom bathroom cabinets is one way to achieve that comfort level.

Besides your bedroom, the bathroom is where you start and end your day. In the morning it is the last place you see yourself before you present yourself to the world.

Get ready to discover your dream Custom Bathroom Cabinets and enjoy the transformation it brings to your bathroom and your morning routine!

custom designed and built bathroom cabinets

Bathroom Project

Burr Ridge, IL

This space was custom-tailored to fit the client’s design taste and functionality needed. Unique features include radius sink cabinet doors, burled walnut panels, hand-carved crown molding on the wardrobe cabinet, custom hand-made decorative hardware imported from Europe, and custom-designed drawers and pull-outs to fit specific contents. A custom two-tone finish was applied to highlight edge profiles and mullion door frames.

Door StyleFull Overlay
Wood SpeciesWalnut with Walnut Burl Panels
Wood FinishNatural with Espresso Stained Door Mullions


Your Project’s Process

1. Dream About Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Dreaming is free! Whether you know what you want, or you don’t know what you want, Ayr is here for you. We love to brainstorm and design. We also love to make custom cabinets that are unique to you.

  • Look on Pinterest or Instagram
  • Ask your friends, brainstorm
  • What style best fits your home?
  • What style speaks to you and who you are?

2. Design Your Custom Bathroom Cabinets

You come to us with your ideas, we come to you with 55+ years of experience in the custom cabinetry world. Together we figure out what fits your style while maintaining the efficiency you need to be comfortable.

3. Build Your Custom Bathroom Cabinets

The final design is transferred to our shop where we manufacture each piece of your custom cabinet specifically for you. Your cabinet is not mass produced. It is hand sanded throughout the entire construction process.