Custom Bar Cabinets in Middlebury Indiana

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Custom Bar Cabinets in Middlebury, Indiana

These home cabinets in Middlebury, IN showcase, how custom cabinets can be specifically outfitted to fit your home. No more filler strips or compromises.

Directly adjacent to the stunning kitchen (you can see more photos here) is the living room with the luxurious coffered ceilings and a modern built-in fireplace. On the other wall, you’ll find a large entertainment area, including a TV, lots of open shelving as well as bottom cabinets for additional storage. 

Another room that features Ayr Cabinetry’s custom design is the library or craft room, with the design and color scheme matching the kitchen. This room also includes a large bay window with a window seat. The main office of this home is an elegant room with dark, semi-transparent stained cabinets with wood accents and hardwood floors. The office includes finishing touches like the dry stack stone wall around the fireplace, the floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and open shelving. 

Even the most basic rooms in this house, like the entryway and laundry room, are custom designed to meet your unique needs. The entryway has individual cubicles for each child that includes a place to hang coats plus drawers to hide away the shoes, hats, gloves, and other outerwear. The laundry room has a custom-built location for the washer and dryers, plus plenty of storage space for all your laundry detergents and any other cleaning supplies you need to store. This room also includes a large farmhouse sink to make rinsing out extra dirty clothes a breeze. 

And if you want a place that your whole family or a large group of friends can spend an evening, check out the spacious entertainment center. The front wall of the room is entirely covered in dark, semi-transparent stained cabinetry. The TV takes center stage on the wall but is surrounded by gorgeous cabinets. On either side, there are display cabinets with glass doors. Below the TV and running the entire length of the wall are the bottom row of base cabinets. This section includes lots of extra storage for toys, books, movies, or games, along with housing the sound system for the entertainment center. 

Another stunning room is the gun display area, finished with the same dark, semi-transparent stain as the office and entertainment room. The centerpiece of the room is the run of cabinetry built to display over twenty guns. All the countertops, including the island in the middle of the room, are authentic butcher blocks, giving the entire room a definite woodsy vibe. 

As you can see, the possibilities of custom cabinetry are endless, even within one house. If you liked what you see, and are interested in finding out more about what Ayr Cabinetry does, give us a call or request your free consultation today!

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This unique and beautiful bathroom design combines beauty and efficiency into a master suite like no other. From the free-standing soaking tub and the spacious his and hers closet, the thought put into every detail is quite apparent. Here are more photos of this incredible master suite. 

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The Home Cabinets

From the elegance of the coffered ceiling in the living room to the rugged beauty of the entertainment center and gun room, these home cabinets in Middlebury, Indiana, are a masterpiece. Continue on for more photos and information about these cabinets.