Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets in Newport, RI

When redesigning your kitchen, there are two main factors to consider: style and practicality. Often, one is prioritized at the expense of the other. But why compromise? Our custom cabinetry removes that choice by giving both!

Our most recent project perfectly marries functionality and fashion in the kitchen. These pristine dark-blue kitchen cabinets make a statement of bold elegance, while maximizing their usability in design. This pairing transforms the kitchen into a place for both beauty and usability.

The color itself demands attention and admiration. It paints a serene, peaceful ambiance that echoes the calm of a bay or lakeside view. The cooler undertones of the cabinets allow one to relax while maintaining a mindset of productivity and creative expression.

The floor-to-ceiling cabinets feature wide hinged doors, allowing easy access to every ingredient, recipe, and utensil. Each overhead cabinet sports a sleek inset style, creating dimension and beauty with each door. The addition of sliding cabinet latches brings a traditional feel to a more modern style.

When it comes to transforming a kitchen, compromises should not be made. Maximize your creative style and desired functionality with each door and hinge. These dark-blue kitchen cabinets are sure to capture the hearts of every family member with each snack run.

What style will you dream up?

beautiful stove hood in custom kitchen cabinets in middlebury in

Design Details

custom kitchen appliance cabinets in middlebury, indiana

Farm House Sink & Gold Faucet

Traditional vibe with a farmhouse sink and golden fixtures.

creative work space in custom kitchen cabinets in middlebury in

Custom Built-in Stove Hood

Tucked discretely inside a solid cabinet, the hood adds to the room’s profile.

creative work space in custom kitchen cabinets in middlebury in

Countertop Bar

The attached countertop bar allows community, whether it’s a quick snack or a long, cooking chat.