Full Overlay Cabinets in LaPorte, IN

Located in the heart of the Midwest, this beautiful home with full overlay cabinets in Laporte, Indiana is a stunning blend of creativity and craftsmanship. The home combines the natural elegance of maple wood with expert construction techniques. The result is a one-of-a-kind cabinet collection that’s both functional and elegant.

Perhaps the most special part of this project is the kitchen area. The high ceilings and open layout create a spacious environment, perfect for crafting home-cooked meals and spending time with friends and family. The light-colored countertops and cabinets contrast perfectly with the dark island paint and other accents. 

Another highlight of this project is the butler’s pantry. Enter through the double French doors, and you’ll find an area that invites and inspires creativity. It’s the perfect environment to perfect culinary skills and create unforgettable meals for guests. 

In contrast with the light-colored cabinets in the kitchen and in the butler’s pantry, the bathrooms feature a dark-brown stain. This design choice creates a warm and elegant look that’s perfect for a bathroom. 

Every home has a personality of its own, and these full overlay cabinets in Laporte, Indiana, are no different. These cabinets are made with the perfect combination of classic and creative design aesthetics. We set out to create cabinetry that was truly unique but in a classic, elegant way. 

At Ayr Cabinetry, we not only place a high value on quality craftsmanship but also on making our customer’s vision come to life. From the oversized kitchen hood to the dark-stained bathroom cabinets, the creativity that went into this project comes through in every detail.

Other Custom Cabinets in This House

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The Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking for an inspiring and elegant set of kitchen cabinets, look no further. The unique blend of creativity and elegance in these full overlay kitchen cabinets creates an environment of calm and inspiration, perfect for making memories and great food. 

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Butler Pantry Cabinets

A forgotten trend that’s making a comeback in the kitchen design world is the butler’s pantry. This home feature is an excellent way to give your kitchen more space when hosting parties. These butler’s pantry cabinets give this home an extra dose of elegance and beauty. 

custom kitchen cabinets with an island in middlebury, indiana

The Bathroom Cabinets

No home would be complete without a well-crafted set of bathroom cabinets. It may not be the room in the house that gets the most attention, but it’s nonetheless important to design a bathroom well. Take a look at the excellent craftsmanship of this bathroom and find your inspiration.