The Luxury at Home Wet Bar: 11 Must Haves for Super Hosting & Enjoyment

At Home Wet Bars Are the Future of Epic and Irresistible Hosting!

Tinkling glasses, laughter, low and comfortable lighting, mellow background music, the thrill of the games…you fill in the blank… whatever it is about owning your very own luxury at home wet bar, hold onto it.


Why go out into a crowded (and often noisy) bar if you can bring the best of the bar life to the most comfortable place on earth, your home?

No doubt, you have been thinking the exact same thing!

So, if you are currently dreaming about adding a wet bar in your home, keep on reading to find out the 11 Must Haves for a luxurious and exceptional wet bar.

Before the reveal of the 11 Must Haves, let’s recap on what characterizes a wet bar and, most importantly, what distinguishes a luxury at home wet bar.

What is a Wet Bar?

wet bar refrigerator

A wet bar is an indoor setup dedicated to mixing and serving drinks and includes a working sink. The working sink is the reason why a wet bar gets it name.  With a working sink, cleaning and serving, becomes a whole lot more enjoyable and seamless.

What is a Luxury at Home Wet Bar?

A luxury at home wet bar is an inviting and impressive, (not necessarily large) dining location set in either the basement or kitchen/living area. This special spot usually includes a sit-up bar and counter with a sink, tasteful and comfortable seating, and plenty of expensive wine.

Now that we understand the general definitions for a wet bar and a luxury at home wet bar, let’s discuss the 11 MUST HAVES to ensure optimal enjoyment of one of the most engaging spots in the home.

11 MUST HAVES for a Luxury at Home Wet Bar

wet bar wine room

Are you ready to receive endless compliments from your friends about your impressive wet bar and your impeccable hosting?

Nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing your hosting abilities are exceeding your guests’ expectations thanks to the empowerment of an efficient and opulent space.

The following 11 Must Haves for your luxury at home wet bar will surely fulfill both of the above desires!

1. Sink

Without a sink, there would be no wet bar.

The addition of a sink in your wet bar is the topmost important must have thanks to its super functional and efficient use.

With a sink in your bar, you can wash out the glasses, mix drink without worrying about spills, and keep the counters wiped down and looking their best!

wet bar under counter frig

2. Garbage disposable

A garage disposal will help keep unpleasant smells minimal and your garbage situation under better control. A garbage disposal is especially helpful if your wet bar is in your basement.

Imagine after chopping up fresh fruit or an array of colorful veggies, simply grinding up the peels and excess pieces and leaving your trash for napkins and other non-decomposing items.

Plus, clean-up becomes a whole lot easier as well.  Scrape your guests’ leftovers (if there are any) in the sink and allow the garbage disposal to do what it does best.

3. Dishwasher

wet bar kitchen sink

Another must have for your in-home bar is a dishwasher. If you are planning on hosting big parties with many friends, a dishwasher becomes essential.

After a fun and engaging evening of good food, drinks, and conversation (not to mention lots of laughter in the mix) nothing feels better than having your dishwasher share a good majority of the dishwashing load. Clean up made easy empowers you to be a stress-free and happy host.

4. Wine cooler

If you have a top 10 or 20 favorite wines that you enjoy and you plan to serve your friends as their first toppers, a wine cooler keeps the best of the best prepped and ready to go.

A wine cooler is super handy thanks to its specially designed compartments just for wine storage. Also, the looks of a wine cooler add a luxurious and simply stunning appeal to your at home wet bar, sealing its reputation as a competent and lavish space in your home.

5. Ice Maker

An ice maker is one of the top must haves in a luxury at home bar. How many times do you recall running to the kitchen freezer to refill the little ice bucket?

Too many.

With the amount of ice used during a game night or a party, an ice maker keeps things cool and running smoothly.

At an at home wet bar, you can never have too much ice on hand.

6. Under the Counter Fridge

wet bar kitchen wine room

While you are chatting with you friends, the last thing you want to do is turn directly away from the conversation.

However, in the middle of a great story, you may notice your friend needs another drink. Armed with an under the counter fridge, all you need to do is lean over a bit and grab a new drink, and in the process hardly miss a beat.

An under the counter fridge allows you to stay better engaged with your friends and the party in general thanks to its easy access.

Yes, consider an under the counter fridge for an ultimate luxury at home wet bar.

7. Extra Fridge

Depending upon the level of hosting and the number of friends you wish to serve, having two fridges becomes essential.

One of the keys to hosting empowerment is having what you need close by to seamlessly provide for guests needs or wishes.

One fridge can offer space for drinks while the other fridge can hold your cold cuts, veggies, fruit, salsa, dips, etc.

8. Wine cabinet

wet bar wine rack

If you want your guests’ jaws dropping to your sparkling clean floor, invest in a luxury wine cabinet.

Even if your wine cabinet display is not as expansive as the picture above, wine cabinets add an elegant and classy feel and appearance to your wet bar.

Plus, owning a wine cabinet helps keep your fine wines organized and on display for the admiration and enjoyment of all.

9. Display shelves

One of the most popular additions of a luxury wet bar are display shelves.

Those stunning glass shelves are primarily used to display your best shot glasses, intricate wine goblets, or fancy décor.

wet bar kitchen

What better decorations for your luxury bar than fancy wine goblets?

Nothing comes to mind, right?! So, make sure to save some room for some of your very own display shelves in your very own luxury wet bar.

10. Good Lighting

wet bar luxury

Nothing helps to create a festive mood better than good lighting!

Tasteful lighting fixtures with the option to dim or brighten the lights are a definite must have for your bar.

With tasteful lighting fixtures turned to the perfect lighting level, your evening can go from relaxed to intense depending upon whether your gathered around good conversation or competitive games.  

Yes, good lighting is an absolute must have for your bar to hit the mark for a luxurious space.

11. Custom cabinetry

Last, but certainly not least, the final Must Have for your luxury wet bar is custom cabinetry.

With custom cupboards specially crafted to fit your various storage needs, you will enjoy an organized and efficient hosting space.

Your fancy plates, cutlery, and cutting boards need to be carefully stowed away somewhere within close reach, and with custom cabinetry, all your unsightly storage items will stay out of sight while allowing you to display the things you want and make them look incredibly stunning!

wet bar

If you want your bar to leave a lasting impression, whether big or small, custom cabinetry is the magic formula for impressing the silk socks off of all your friends.

Plus, when you design your wet bar around your cabinetry, the rest of the design is a breeze!

Further Luxury Wet Bar Inspiration 

If you wish to view other’s luxury wet bars, take a moment, and watch the following two videos for inspiration.

Aaron Paul’s Log Cabin with a Luxury Wet Bar (Enjoy a full house tour, plus get a look at his luxury wet bar).
Nina Takesh’s Luxury Wet Bar

Ultimately, it is All You

At the end of the night, after the food and drink is no more, and the bar is all cleaned up, the real reason for that gathering’s success is not found in the 11 Must Haves, it is found in you.

Just know that the one running the wet bar is the one who brings the smiles, the laughter, and the good times to everyone…and that someone is you.

Your Very Own Luxury Wet Bar Awaits!

Are you ready to invest in a luxury at home wet bar with stunning custom cabinetry?!

A luxury at home wet bar is the future of 5-star hosting and you happen to be a couple steps ahead of everyone else.

Your dream luxury wet bar awaits!


  1. Hello.
    I’m looking for a wet bar with sink. A small refrigerator and some storage. I only have 5 ft width to work with. Do you have anything that fits this description?

    Thank you,

    • Name
      Hi Maryanne – I have the same requirement as you did. Did you ever get your wet bar made/installed? Would love to see pics and get some info.

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