Custom Cabinetry in Elkhart, IN

This cabinet portfolio is built from brown maple, which features a more uniform texture and straighter wood grain than other wood species. These attributes, along with its smooth finish, make it ideal for dark paints, like our Black Magic finish used in the kitchen and wine room in this project.

As you enter the main living area, you’ll walk through a large, arched architrave encased in brown maple molding. Like the kitchen and wine room cabinets, the casing is finished with our Black Magic paint, giving the living space a sophisticated air.

The kitchen in this project is the centerpiece of the portfolio. It showcases the dominant theme of the contrasting color scheme demonstrated with the Black Magic cabinets and white countertops with black swirls. This modern look is completed with contemporary lighting fixtures and an open floor plan.

The portfolio also includes “his” and “her” bathrooms and closets, with contrasting sparkling white paint and dark stain finishes. A unique feature of “her” bathroom is the gold leaf accents throughout, beautifully complementing the sparkling white paint. The dark brown stain in “his” bathroom provides a warm yet stately look.

Additionally, this custom cabinetry portfolio in Elkhart, IN features a unique wine room. This wine room is in a glass, climate-controlled room and features the same brown maple cabinetry with Black Magic finish as the kitchen area. The look is complete with the addition of ornate chandeliers lighting the space.

More Incredible Cabinets in this Project

custom kitchen cabinets with an island in middlebury, indiana

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Enjoy this tasteful portfolio of custom black kitchen cabinets in Elkhart. These cabinets feature a distinctive Black Magic finish, paired with white swirled countertops and backsplash. The beautiful combination of light and dark color themes provides a contemporary and timeless look.

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Custom Bath Cabinets

Step into a world of elegance and enjoy the beauty of these custom bath cabinets. This portfolio features a “his” and “her” bathroom, a powder room, and a guest bathroom. Each bathroom uniquely reflects the owners’ various tastes.

custom kitchen cabinets with an island in middlebury, indiana

Custom Wine Room Cabinets

Feel inspired with this custom wine room project. This room is the showpiece of the entire home, featuring elegant black cabinets contrasted with white swirled marble countertops and ornate décor and chandeliers.