Modern Custom Cabinets in Beverly Shores, IN

Modern Custom Cabinets in Beverly Shore, Indiana

From the shores of Lake Michigan comes this beautiful, modern kitchen and bathroom cabinet portfolio. These custom cabinets in Beverly Shores, Indiana, are hand-crafted with a clean, minimalist design aesthetic and are built with the highest standards and attention to detail.
The cabinets around the kitchen’s perimeter and those in the peninsula are crafted with high-quality hardwood maple, one of the most durable wood species available. Each cabinet door is designed with a full overlay, which gives it a smooth, almost seamless look, creating a calming, peaceful atmosphere. The white paint finish completes the contemporary look.

The island and wet bar designs offer a delightful contrast to the perimeter cabinets with their exposed wood look. They’re made with rift-sawn walnut wood, known for its beautiful color and durability, and finished with a light brown stain. All this provides the perfect blend of modern and traditional for a truly welcoming environment.
Enter the hallway, and you’ll find a beautiful array of open shelves made from walnut and finished with a light-brown stain.

As you move through the hallway and enter the master bedroom suite, you’ll find a unique blend of contemporary cabinets and more traditional elements, like exposed wood open shelving and cabinets also made from rift-sawn walnut.
Throughout the bathroom and walk-in closet is the same style of modern, minimalist cabinetry found in the kitchen. The full overlay design on the cabinet doors and the white paint finish create a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere.

All these cabinets are crafted from the same hardwood maple the kitchen cabinets are made from.
As with all our projects, the talented team at Ayr Cabinetry constructed these custom cabinets in Beverly Shores, IN, to the highest standard of quality. We desire all our products to represent the dream and vision of our customers and to reflect our commitment to beautiful, long-lasting cabinetry.

Other Custom Cabinets in This House

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The Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen should be a place of comfort and beauty, and this kitchen is precisely that. The natural light filtering through the large windows and the white finish on the cabinets create a bright, comfortable environment. The modern cabinet design and more traditional exposed wood styling blend for a unique and inviting space. 

staley project 5

The Bathroom Cabinets

For minimalist bathroom design inspiration, take a look at these custom cabinets in Beverly Shores, IN. The smooth, light-colored cabinets set the tone of the bathroom, while the soaking tub next to the large windows creates an oasis from the stresses of life. Find inspiration and continue for more pictures.