Kitchen Cabinets in Beverly Shores, IN

custom kitchen cabinets in beverly shores in

Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Beverly Shores, IN

Most interior design specialists agree that a kitchen should be a bright, open, and visually uncluttered workspace that inspires creativity. These attributes perfectly describe this kitchen in Beverly Shores, IN. The large windows are visible from virtually all angles in the kitchen and allow plenty of natural light while providing a great view of the outdoors.

When creating beautiful custom kitchen cabinets, perhaps the most important focus is the choice of wood. These cabinets are crafted with maple, chosen for its durability and versatility. It’s a popular choice for kitchens since it’s known to be resistant to spills and can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth. It also works well with all paints and finishes, making it suitable for custom color designs.

We used rift-sawn walnut wood for the island, wet bar, and shelving. Known especially for its beauty and durability, it is a popular choice in high-end furniture. We finished the wood with a light-brown stain for the right color and a beautiful exposed-wood look.

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The perimeter cabinets, crafted with hardwood maple, are designed with a minimalist aesthetic, complete with full overlay doors. This design feature sets the tone of the kitchen and allows attention to be drawn to the contrasting highlights, tastefully incorporated throughout the kitchen.

These contrasts include the island and wet bar areas, which feature exposed walnut for a more traditional look while keeping the minimalist design aesthetic. The shelving throughout the kitchen and wet bar area is also built from walnut and finished with a light-brown stain. These simple yet elegant features give this kitchen just the right amount of warmth and make this an inviting place to spend time.

The overall styling theme of this kitchen provides beauty without distraction, just what is needed to keep the focus on what truly matters while invoking inspiration. At Ayr Cabinetry, we love to put our customers’ vision into our work, and these kitchen cabinets in Beverly Shores, IN, were no different.

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Details about this project

custom kitchen appliance cabinets in middlebury, indiana

Color and Wood

Rift-sawn walnut on the island with a light brown stain. White painted maple on the kitchen perimeter. Full overlay doors throughout.

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Kitchen with a view

This stunning kitchen is surrounded with floor to ceiling windows. The views are incredible.

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Open Concept

The wood-paneled wall creates a seamless transition into the main living area that features plush sofas and a fireplace.

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The Bathroom Cabinets

For minimalist bathroom design inspiration, take a look at these custom cabinets in Beverly Shores, IN. The smooth, light-colored cabinets set the tone of the bathroom, while the soaking tub next to the large windows creates an oasis from the stresses of life. Find inspiration and continue for more pictures.

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We have contracted with Ayr Cabinet Company for two projects – a kitchen remodel in our condo and a large project redoing the kitchen in our vacation home. The craftsmanship of the Mennonite workers is exemplary with a keen eye to detail. Willingness of staff/company to redo cabinets if not a perfect fit. Easy communication via email to keep abreast of the project. Highly recommend this company and encourage a trip to their factory in Nappanee, Indiana, to get a sense of their dedication to the finest quality of their product


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