Custom Cabinets in South Bend, IN

The exceptional craftsmanship of our talented team at Ayr Cabinetry has brought a client’s house renovation dream to fruition in South Bend, IN, near the University of Notre Dame.

This stunning home transformation includes sleek silver-gray inset kitchen cabinets, an inviting basement bar with under-glow lighting, a chic gray bathroom vanity and linen closet, decorative wooden trusses adorning the living room ceiling, as well as bespoke office furniture, a practical mudroom, an additional kitchen, and a charming powder room. Discover the unique features of these custom cabinets in South Bend, IN.

Bar and barstools with tv and under glow

Beginning in the kitchen, these custom cabinets in South Bend, IN boast a sleek and contemporary design. The inset-style cabinets harmonize beautifully with the gray and black marble countertops, the light brown walnut island, and the elegant hardwood floors.

The basement bar stands out as a key feature in this home, boasting an eye-catching mocha wood bar top and coordinating custom cabinets. Its functional counter, made from sleek white marble, elegantly complements the rich tones of the cabinetry, creating a harmonious and inviting area for entertainment and relaxation.

In the bathroom, these custom cabinets in South Bend, IN present a sophisticated, modern gray vanity with ample drawer space. The vanity, equipped with dual sinks and backlit mirrors, is paired with a coordinating custom linen closet.

The home’s cabinetry design also includes a magnificent wooden truss in the living room, adding warmth and character to an already impressive space. A complimentary island and full-overlay Rift Sawn white oak cabinets with a rich, dark brown stain have transformed the secondary kitchen. Additionally, the home features a muted forest green mudroom, a custom wooden office desk, and a dual sink setup in the guest bathroom.

Experience the transformation and endless possibilities that the skilled artisans of Ayr Cabinetry offer. Immerse yourself in each room of this custom cabinet collection from our South Bend, IN, project.

More Incredible Cabinets in this Project

custom basement bar with chairs and island in South Bend, IN

Basement Bar Cabinets

The basement in this stunning home provides a serene and comfortable retreat for both guests and the homeowner. It’s a versatile space designed for relaxation, focus, and hosting. Let’s dive into the details and features of the bar area that make the perfect space for any hangout.

custom kitchen cabinets and island in South Bend, IN

Inset Kitchen Cabinets

Enter the kitchen, the heart of the home. A snug, appealing culinary sanctuary is created with light gray inset cabinets, silver fixtures, dark brown island cabinets, granite counters, and hardwood floors.

Custom bathroom vanity and master bath in South Bend, IN

Custom Bathroom Vanity

This primary bath showcases a dual sink, a custom bathroom vanity, and a linen cabinet, all designed to enhance the room’s functionality and style. The soothing light gray hue cabinets provide the perfect finishing touches to this elegantly appointed primary bath.

custom living room timber frame truss in South Bend, IN

Living Room Vaulted Ceiling Beams

These stunning wooden trusses elevate the style of this home’s living room. The dual vaulted ceiling beams add dimension and warmth, enhancing the beauty of this inviting living space.