Incredible Kitchen Project in Carmel Indiana

custom kitchen cabinets in carmel indiana

This beautiful Kitchen Project in Carmel Indiana is unique in a lot of ways, particularly with the huge island that includes a sink and a solid stone countertop. Plus with five sweet bar chairs that will definitely make this kitchen the gathering place of this home!

Information About This Kitchen Project in Carmel Indiana

Our custom kitchen project features our custom kitchen cabinets along with our island cabinetry and additional cabinetry for a pantry. This kitchen project showcases a variety of sizes for our kitchen cabinets, which offers you better storage space for your kitchen utensils. Given that some pots and pans can be larger and require more space meanwhile other kitchen-related items such as utensils require smaller storage space, we provide custom kitchen cabinets uniquely shaped to accommodate the sizes of various kitchen-related items. Additional storage space is located in our large island and gives plenty of extra counter space but also provides a generous amount of additional cabinetry for storage.

Our large pantry showcased in this project provides plenty of space for storing non-perishable items and kitchen supplies. Our large pantry can also be built with custom shelving inside to order to accommodate storing a variety of items including spices, food wrapping material, and other kitchen essentials. Our large pantry can be built right alongside your kitchen cabinetry for convenience and easy access. All of our custom kitchen cabinets can be built and designed to give you the most storage space you need for your kitchen. Get started today on requesting a consultation.